Cycling is an environmentally friendly, economical and healthy alternative to a car. More and more people are using bikes to get around the city. Your job is to create an A3 poster and website for Bergen. This is where the following cycle routes are plotted.

  • Landås route
  • Fana route
  • Fyllingsdals route
  • Laksevåg route

Each route needs to have information regarding

  • Distances
  • Estimated time
  • Type of road (bicycle lane, coubbled, busy road
  • Intersections and junctions on the road

The website needs to have some form of interactivity. Where information regarding each route is shown. This can be done for example on rollover or click. All information must be included on the website. The poster leaves you a bit more freedom on what to display. But all the cycle routes need to be displayed. You can decide how you would like to design the map

The products need to be consistent in their design and adaptable.


My finished work gives you a real good feeling of the norwegian nature, the fjords, forests and beautiful mountains. I wanted to use green and blue colors as they represent the nature in such an amazing way.

This website has in total 5 pages, one homepage and then four pages for each route.

Check out the website HERE

Webdesign for 

bicycling in Bergen

An assignment from school