Dog food branding

and packaging

An assignment from school


During the project period the tasks will be given one by one to help you focus and give each step of the design process the necessary attention. Please refer to the learning activities for a more detailed brief and make sure you follow the work process as it is layed out week by week.

  • Week 1: Develop a name for a dog food product. Design a logo for this product.
  • Week 2: Create an illustrated infographic and a brochure for your product.
  • Week 3: Design a package for your product, make a life size mock up and photograph it.
  • Week 4: Design a point-of-sale, photograph all elements together, make a professional presentation and write the report.

The lessons will provide you with the know-how, and the mandatory project is divided in to four parts presented one by one as learning activities.

During these four weeks you will be asked to create a logo, an infographic, a brochure, packaging product photos and a point-of-sale.

By the end of the four weeks all these elements should be presented in a professional presentation and handed in as a mandatory project.


For this assignment I made a dog food brand called "Buddy's" which sells mainly exclusive puppy food. 

I worked with a brown color scheme and used a german shepard puppy as inspiration. Here you can see my work, I have made one logo, a brochure, a package and a point-of-sale shelf.