Lashes by Leila

Project exam with a real client


For my project exam for semester 2, I had to either find a client or make a fictional one and create a website.

My client became a very good friend who works as a lash technician and provides services like lash extensions, lashlift, coloring and so on.

I had to make a website and a logo for the brand.


This was my very first time making material for a real person, and not just for school. And my client ended up loving the result.

It was an experience to keep in mind what the client liked, and not what my personal opinions were. So I learned a lot during this exam on how to cooperate with other people in this field.

The website turned out really great, but since we didn't learn php  + JavaScript this year, it's not possible to actually book an appointment or contact through the sheet. So I am really looking forward to learn that, so we can actually launch the website for the client.

Take a look at the website HERE