Webdesign for nobels price

An assignment from school


The task was to create an interactive website for The Nobel Prize. We had to include all the six prizes, and their latest winners. The website also needed to include an interactive infographic on the homepage.

For me personally, the interpretation was to try and show our best technical skill in making the website interactive. Because of what we have learned the last semester, I think this was a good chal- lenge to test ourselves to see how skilled we actually can be and to learn even more about coding.

That being said, it’s always needed to keep in mind the client and what they want. Which in this case was: An interactive infograph- ic, an overview of all the categories and all the latest winners.


My finished website includes a bit of animation, six selfmade icons to present the different categories and a innovative menubar. You can hover on every icon and press the button to goto that specific page to read about the winners. 

The style is golden and dark, giving a feeling of ancient combined with holy. The colors are inspired by the nobel coin.

The layout is really simple and smooth.

Check out the website HERE